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Peter Halim
United States
I am currently working as a full-time graphic/web developer with my brother, David. We both also manage a blog called

A blog that revolves around people in the creative/ entertainment fields and the online lifestyle that we all share in it. We strive to become a great resource site by providing useful articles, tips and insights from real professionals around us, and around the world.

Our Mission: We are in the business of empowering, inspiring, and multiplying creative individuals, so each of us can outgrow our limitations and come out strong and confident in the professional world.

If you have any topic suggestions, which you think would be related, useful and in-line with our mission, please don't hesitate to let us know, and we'd be more than happy to publish it. You can email us at

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for reading. And don’t forget to tell your friend about this blog! | Empowering Creativity

Current Residence: Los Angeles
Personal Quote: The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Nobody is immune from this so-called creative disease. There's nothing wrong catching it, don't be alarmed, and definitely there's no need to be panic. Take a deep breath; hold it for 3 seconds (tell yourself that everything is going to be okay); and then exhale.

Be prepared and get roughened up. I am saying that because there will be some resistance coming your way.

It will smash you, tackle you and it will do anything to force you to surrender and call it quit. Don't be afraid.

The best way to get the job done is by start working on it. Procrastinating with an excuse of creative block is just prolonging the problem. Gather all of your tools around you, project details and set a focus time to understand the task.

Ask the right questions and write down all the objectives you need to achieve on paper. This process of transferring data information from your brain to hand and to paper for your eyes to see can activate your mental alert and awareness of the topic. Read it out loud so your ears can be involved too and the brain get the data confirmation back.

After understanding the task clearly and know which information to look for, leave your working spot and get into a relax/casual/fun mode. You may take a shower to freshen up, or play with your kids/buddies, go swimming or jogging in the park. Some people may even choose to take a nap or simply laying down to a more comfortable position. During this brainstorming stage, you are most likely to get fresh ideas when you are thinking outside the box; or stepping outside the focus zone.

What seemed to be brilliant solution may not be the best solution after all. Double check it with the objectives you created. Ask the question: Does it solve the problem?

Getting feedback from people out of the focus group can help you get perspectives from different angles. You may be surprised how much these people can contribute shaping the solution better.

Congratulations on your successful presentation! You deserve it. Get rested and make up for those skipped gym routine. Make sure that you maintain a well balanced lifestyle so you are ready for your next upcoming projects.


What causes creative block?

Creative block is a mind state when our brain is not producing ideas and not functioning the way we want it. It is a glitch in the system where you get hang-ups and blanked-out. There is simply nothing there and you will think that you lost it. To read more detailed information about what causing creative block and how to break through fear, visit my previous article CAUSES: CREATIVE BLOCK. [ read article…


Exercise Makes Great Minds

Just like any part of your body organs, your brain becomes stronger and more functional if it is well trained. In order to grow creatively you need to step outside your comfort zone. We need to exercise our brain's neuron by engaging in some new activity, place or event. When you stretch your mind, it never returns to its previous shape. To learn more the complete guide for mind exercise, read my previous article SPARKLING CREATIVITY. [ read article:…


How many times have you seen a beautiful website fails to do what it supposed to? Here at Halim Design we don't just make nice looking websites, we build them content-smart too. Visit today!


Original posting can be viewed at or here:…



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